1. Alexander East
    Portland, Oregon
  2. Audio Soul Project
    Chicago, Illinois
  3. Black Sjuan
    Chicago, Illinois
  4. Change Request
    Chicago, Illinois
  5. Chris Udoh
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  6. Devastating Dennis
    Chicago, Illinois
  7. Frankie Vega
    Chicago, Illinois
  8. Geto Mark
    Chicago, Illinois
  9. Giovanni Damico
    Salerno, Italy
  10. King Cosmic
  11. Luis Baro
    Brooklyn, New York
  12. Mazi & Duriez
    Chicago, Illinois
  13. ZOiD
    Dublin, Ireland


Fresh Meat Records Chicago, Illinois

Fresh Meat Records is an artist-run label from Chicago. The label is owned and operated by Mazi Namvar, who has created much of the music on the label. Generally, the label is home to producers influenced by the “other side” of Chicago House.

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